Movies NOT To See: April 2017 Edition

A compiled list to help you weed out the good vs the bad to save your time, money and brain cells. A link to the trailer has been provided in the title. 

The Blackcoat’s Daughter (February) (March 31)

A creepy horror movie about two girls who have to stay at their boarding school over the winter break as an evil presence begins to stalk them.  Though I am intrigued I think this one is best for those random horror movie Netflix nights.

Colossal (April 7)

Starring Anne Hathaway as a washed up party girl whose destructive life pattern manifests itself into a giant Godzilla alien that she can control.

The Void (April 7)

A gory alien horror movie best left for those one star horror movie Netflix nights.

Truman (April 7)

A film about two old friends who reconnect later in life while one is diagnosed with terminal cancer.  The film has a cute dog, but it is also in subtitles.

Graduation (Bacalaureat) (April 7)

A film about a girl whose chance to escape the place where she lives is ruined when she is attacked on the way to school.  Her chance to escape could slip away as the haunting attack threatens to send her down a path of ruin.

The Outcasts (April 14)

At first I thought the movie might have potential reminding me of Mean Girls, but then it fell apart and floundered.

Leap! (Ballerina) (April 21)

While it has the look of charming and uplifting animation, it has the quality of made for tv Christmas re-runs.

Unforgettable (April 21)

While we all enjoy a little crazy lady fights I feel like we have seen this many times before.

The Promise (April 21)

The story of fallen empires, war and love.  While it almost gets your attention there is something missing from this one.

Free Fire (April 21)

A confusing gun battle reminiscent to those long battles in Golden Eye.

Sleight (April 28)

The preview is very short for this one and the super power qualities look intriguing, but the summary of the film looks to be a lot less super.

How To Be A Latin Lover (April 28)

The novelty of the idea fades a little too quickly.