What we expected:


Picture Courtesy of BBC Three and Netflix

What we got:


Picture Courtesy of BBC Three and Netflix

While it may not be completely fair to review this show without even having finished the first season I assure you I did try.  I made it all the way to the end of episode two, which I think was a feat in and of itself.  I feel as if I am Frodo on such a journey but no reward in the end.  The first season only consists of 6 episodes which does not make it any more bearable which is even more disappointing since it is a Netflix Original series and they have done so well thus far.

A husband and wife (Greg Davies and Helen Baxendale) are preparing to welcome their daughter Rachel (Tamla Kari) home after her travels abroad.  She has finished school and is on track to complete a medical degree at university.  When the daughter returns with an unexpected surprise, the parents find that the daughter they knew has become a completely new person.  Long gone are the days of practicality, ambitions and cleanliness, welcome free loading and free love.  While traveling abroad, Rachel met Cuckoo (Andy Samberg), fell in love and married in some obscure native ceremony.  The family tries to adjust to the return of their body snatched daughter while trying to swallow the hard pill that is Cuckoo.

The comedy in the series surrounds the absolute absurdity that is the character of Cuckoo, a free loving, free loading and completely unaware individual in comparison to his new family and specifically new father-in-law who you know… showers and works for a living.  I am aware that the character is fictional and his actions and words were chosen for effect, except the most annoying thing is there are people exactly like Cuckoo in the real world.  Free love and individuality, peace and togetherness blah blah blah I get it, but do that on your own time and dime, not on others.

I would like to point out that the only reason I started watching the show was the false advertising on Netflix.  The show is on its fifth season, though I don’t know how it managed that, which creates the confusion for initial viewers.  For starters the poster ad for the show is of Greg Davies and Taylor Lautner.  “Rachel shocks her proper British parents when she marries an American hippie, but it’s just the first in a series of surprises for the family.”  One could only assume when seeing this that Taylor Lautner is Cuckoo.  Also, at the time, there was a description for the show of the father walking in on Cuckoo naked.  I thought to myself, Taylor Lautner, point, naked? point, point.  Sadly while there is some nudity it is of Andy Samberg, who is in fact Cuckoo, and Lautner does not actually make an appearance onto the show until season two.  The fact that I must endure a further four episodes just to reach season two makes it not even worth it.  I would almost consider skipping the first season entirely just to see season two and see if it was worth the journey just for Lautner.

Unless you can vouch for season two, three, four or five being any better, there is no way I am going to continue this dreadful series and put up with the cringeworthy antics of Andy Samberg.