Everything Sucks!




Picture Courtesy of Netflix



Everything Sucks! is a Netflix Original coming of age story set in the 90’s.  I have to admit that when I first saw it and started watching I assumed it was just some quickly mashed together show to take advantage of everyone’s love of 90’s nostalgia.  To some extent, this is definitely true and is a big selling feature and bonus for many.  There are the more obvious references and then there are the more obscure.  The ones you do catch are like finding little bits of treasure along the way and the ones you miss you likely wouldn’t understand them anyway.

The story begins with Luke (Jahi Di’Allo Winston), McQuaid (Rio Mangini) and Tyler (Quinn Liebling) starting their freshman year in the town of Boring, Oregon.  In order to set the tone and their status in Boring Highschool, they decide to join a club and land themselves in the A/V Club.  It is here that Luke meets Kate (Peyton Kennedy) and falls in love and things are a downward spiral from there.  Okay, maybe not a downward spiral but what you can expect by combining a group of junior’s, freshman, sophomores, and seniors with an awkward 90’s backdrop.  Hormones are running wild, questions about sexuality are being explored, and the desire to dream big is found in all of them while the world is out to get them.

The story is not the most complex but it is its simplicity set in the 90’s, which I think is safe to say was a simpler and more wholesome time, with a kickass soundtrack that really makes the series.  I wasn’t sure how I felt about these mixed characters while watching the series as it progressed, but in the end, I found myself building a connection with the characters, rooting for their successes and hoping things work out for them in the end.  Each one has their own quirks from the nerdy religious girl, the dramatic popular girl, the awkward nerd, the squeaky-voiced cool nerd, and even the ridiculous but lovable dad and principal of the school.  A coming of age/finding yourself story doesn’t strictly have to be about kids, right?

Netflix had only ordered 10 episodes for the first season but I would be shocked if they were to allow it to simply die there.  I think they found something worth expanding on and I would be willing to stick with these awkward teens and see how they navigate through life.  While I can appreciate the sexual orientation aspects of the series, I do hope that they do not make it a focal aspect of all the series and are able to balance the storylines.  Everything Sucks! is perfect for fans of the afterschool specials, Full House/Fuller House wholesome era, but who also enjoy some foraying in more risque topics such as sexuality and drugs.